Discover the secrets of Leonardo and the Last Supper with a tour guide

"The Last Supper by Leonardo is absolutely unique and nothing cannot be compared with it", Goethe

Today many Leonardo's artworks are preserved in Milan such as: the Atlanticus Codex, the Portrait of musician, the "Sala delle Asse" (the "Room of Wooden boards") in the Sforza Castle.
Leonardo da Vinci arrived in Milan when he was 30 years old and he worked and lived in Milan more than in other places. He started painting The Last Supper in Milan in the year 1495, commissioned by the Duke of Milan.
This mural painting is located in the Refectory of the church Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan, where the Dominican Friars ate.
Although the Last Supper theme was traditionally depicted in the refectories of Italian convents, Leonardo painted this subject with a very innovative approach.
"(Leonardo's Last Supper has) A setting of extraordinary exact perspective which seems to suggest that the scene is taking place inside the refectory of the Dominican monks in Milan"
The perspective, the gestures and human feelings the apostles, the details on the table, capture the moment as a photography and the spectator is deeply immersed in the artwork.
Last Supper was badly damaged by bombardments, humidity and overall due to the wrong technique used by Leonardo.
We will talk about the long and complicated restoration that was carried out for 22 years.
Today Last Supper is considered one of the masterpieces of the Renaissance and of the whole history of art.
Kings, princesses and queens have come in Milan to see this masterpiece and every day hundreds of people visit and are fascinated by Leonardo Da Vinci's Last Supper.

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