An itinerary with the evocative background of the Cathedral of Milan: the Duomo.
The route includes the visit to the exterior and the imposing interior of the Duomo. 400.000 square metres, decorated by stained glass windows, gigantic pillars, statues. Walking trought the nave is an amazing experience. During the guided tour you will know the history of the construction of the Duomo, started in the Middle age and carried out through centuries, thanks overall to the population of Milan.
It is possible also to reach and walk along the roof of the cathedral. On these terraces you can enjoy a wonderful view of the city , and you will be surrounded by 135 spires, flying buttresses, gargoyles, 1800 sculptures and the great spire which supports the gold statue of the Virgin Mary.
This is a tour through the history of his building, its legends, curiosities and religious episodes.
It is possible to visit also the ancient San Giovanni alle Fonti Baptistery, located in the archeological area under the Duomo.

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